Doorstep Portraits

My camera sat lonely on the shelf, gathering dust, whilst the country locked down. Paused were the family photo shoots, the engagement sessions and the weddings that I had so excitedly booked in. I kept on thinking what a stupid time it had been to try and start a business. And then I discovered doorstop portraits.

Such a simple idea (totally not my own) which has been so beneficial to me. A few quick snaps taken on people's doorsteps and my creativity has rocketed and my mental health has been buoyed. I've been able to chat to people in my community, reconnect with old friends and visit with family members, all from a very safe two meters away. And perhaps most importantly I've documented a time that we'll talk about for years to come and given people pictures that when they see them will spark conversations of, 'Do you remember when...'

It's been a beautiful thing seeing people huddled together on their doorstep - the place where they have sheltered during this pandemic to keep themselves and others safe. And it's served as a lovely reminder that there is such beauty in the simplicity of capturing families just being together as families.