Swift Family at the Trig Point

To say that I enjoyed my evening with the Swifts would be an understatement. Not only was it my first time shooting on my new camera (hello upgrade!) it was also the first one since some of the lock down restrictions had been eased. Essentially, both of those things meant that I was very keen and had a suitably itchy shutter finger.

A few day earlier, I took one of my little explorers out for an adventure and we found ourselves walking up towards the trig point. It was a misty Sunday afternoon and the moment we emerged from the cover of the trees and saw the killer views, I knew that it was going to be the perfect location to come back to.

So one Monday evening, I met them at the bottom of a public footpath and we took a slow walk up to the top, stopping a few times along the way to gather them together as a family in front of some of the luscious views and snap some pictures. We mixed together some more posed, smile-at-the-camera type of photos and some of them following some gentle prompting from me to get some relaxed, natural shots too.

I consider it to be a compliment of the highest order when a couple or family ask me to photograph them more than once. So i feel especially honoured that this was my third time photographing the Swifts as a family as they've grown up.